Precise Research

September 26, 2016

Accurate Research Labs is a service provider for various testing services required for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and phytochemicals as well as herbal formulations. Accurate has been founded by a group of highly qualified professionals and academicians having an excellent track record with proven success and commitment to quality in their respective areas of expertise.

There has been an increased need for quality testing service providers to manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, phytochemicals, herbal formulations, nutraceuticals, and others falling in the category of food & drugs. This need is being more and more recognized when our regulatory standards have been continuously improving keeping pace with global standards to ensure quality food & drugs to the citizens of the country. The main objective of Accurate is to offer such quality testing solutions with Accuracy and Precision for a variety of products falling under food & drugs as a humble attempt to serve the needs of time assisting in providing quality products to the people. We are providing services of chemical testing, Phytochemical testing, Analytical testing, Stability testing, Preclinical Pharmacological testing, Toxicological testing, Clinical testing as well as IPR services.